A website installer tool is similar to the script installers which most web hosting businesses offer. While the latter are used to set up an application without being certain whether it's suitable to develop a particular kind of Internet site, the Internet site installer has more options to pick from so that when a certain app is set up, you will be able to build the website you want. Few companies provide website installers, but this kind of software tools make it much easier to pick what app to employ for your Internet site in case you don't have much experience and aren't certain what the different applications out there are used for - blogs, online stores, etc. It is critical to know that an Internet site installer isn't the same thing as an online website builder - rather, it permits you to set up a ready-made site which you'll be able to start customizing according to your needs from the admin area of the app that you have selected.
Website Installer in Website Hosting
If you opt for one of our website hosting packages, you will be able to create a site without difficulty through the free website installer that'll be available in your Hepsia hosting Control Panel. The tool is simple to use even in case you have no experience since all it takes to set up an Internet site is to pick a domain and a template for it and to enter the login credentials for the website back office. We provide you with over a thousand templates that are available absolutely free and the relevant ones for the type of website you want to build shall appear when you pick a category. This shall permit you to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on web design services asyou shall only have to add your content to the newly set up Internet site, which is almost all the work a designer would do. The entire process takes onlyseveral minutes, so your new site will be operational very quickly.
Website Installer in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We provide a website installer as a part of the in-house made Hepsia hosting CP that comes with all semi-dedicated hosting plans. This software instrument shall permit you to set up a website with simply several mouse clicks via an incredibly user-friendly interface. You will not experience any issues as all you'll need to do will be to select a domain hosted inside your account, select a template for it, and set the login info for the website admin area. Since we offer over a thousand templates for various kinds of websites, you can have a beautiful, professionally-looking website in just a few minutes and you shall save a lot of money on web design or on paid templates from third-party websites. You could search the templates by type, so if you would like to launch an e-commerce website, for instance, you'll be able to check out only relevant themes and not ones for an photo gallery or a blog.
Website Installer in VPS Web Hosting
When you order a virtual private server from us and you pick Hepsia as the hosting CP, you shall have access to our in-house developed website installer that will enable you to set up any kind of website without difficulty. It does not take more than a couple of mouse clicks to select a domain or a subdomain hosted on your Virtual Private Server and to browse hundreds of professional themes for the site. Since you can choose the type of site which you want to have, only appropriate themes shall be displayed, so you can launch a site in no time. The installer is included in Hepsia, so it uses exactly the same user-friendly interface. This will permit you to set up a site and use the power of the VPS for it regardless of your level of experience while saving on web design services. There is no limit how many Internet sites you could set up from the installer or how many of the themes which are available through it you can use.
Website Installer in Dedicated Servers Hosting
If you want a powerful hosting plan, but you don't have a lot of experience, you can get a dedicated server with the Hepsia Control Panel. Among many other features, Hepsia includes an easy-to-use website installer that will permit you to set up a professionally-looking site with several mouse clicks through an intuitive interface. The software tool can be used for any domain or subdomain that you have on the server and a few clicks later your new Internet site shall be available online, so you'll be able to log into its administration area and start customizing it. Our installer allows you to select among various categories of sites with only a mouse click and based upon your choice, you'll see countless relevant templates which you could use for the website at no additional charge. Thus, you'll be able to build your sites without having to pay anything additional for web design on top of the dedicated server monthly price.